Tips and tricks to growing mucilaginous seeds into sprouts.
Seeds of Cress, Chia, Mustard, Arugula are mucilaginous. This means the seed form gel, when they get wet. It also means you need to cultivate these seeds on organic cotton in stead of in a traditional sprouter.

Mucilaginous seeds from Mustard grown on cotton for 5 days FRESH SPROUTS


Mucilaginous seeds are special because the seeds form gel, when the seeds get wet. You typically know this reaction from seeds like Cress, Chia, Arugula/Rucola, Mizuna, Mustard a. o.

I have placed an easy step by step guide to cultivating gelling sprouting seeds on organic cotton under SPROUTERS.


Mucilaginous seeds form their gel membrane as an attempt to protect the seed from drying out. If a seed dries out once it has started to cultivate, the seed will wither and perish.  So the gelling tendency is quite clevery thought of by Mother Nature.

For the same reason you cannot change the seeds tendency to form gel or ‘wash it clean’. Nor should you wish to as an attemp will only harm the seed and thereby the fragilesprout.

In stead you can work with the gelling tendency in your sprouting by simply cultivating these seeds on organic cotton. Place the cotton on a plate and not in a traditional sprouter. Cultivated like this these seeds will succeed for you.

Mucilaginous seeds from Mustard grown on cotton for 5 days FRESH SPROUTS
Mucilaginous seeds as beautiful table setting FRESH SPROUTS


As you have to cultivate Mucilaginous seeds on organic cotton, this gives you a great chance to create beautiful table settings with the sprouts.

If you spread out the seeds on round cotton pads and let the sprouts attach with their roots in the cotton, you can move the cotton + sprouts into a beautiful bowl.

One idea is as the picture show. Here I have covered the cotton pad with a bit of fresh, wet cotton to give the setup an even more clean and elegant look. I have also decorated with a few edible gold hearts. You can mimic the shown setup but really only your fantasy sets the limit.


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