Do you want to grow your organic peas into crisp pea shoots?
This may be interesting if your sprouts have either grown too long
too brittle or if you just want sweet, organic pea shoots.
Time? They will grow from sprout to shoot in 14 days.


To grow pea shoots you need:

Peas of good quality
The best peas to cultivate into your own crisp pea shoots are organic peas for sprouting. These peas have a high germination rate and will grow well for you all year. If you consider other types of peas please note, that spotted, frozen, pickled or heat-treated peas will not grow for you as both sick, heated an/or frosen peas have lost their ability to grow.

Cool, clean water
You can use the water from your kitchen faucet if it is drinkable and free from chlorine. If it has chlorine, you should water the plants with clean, bottled water. Let the water be cool but not directly cold.

Soil of pure plant material
When you choose to cultivate any plant for longer than their first little leaf, you will need to provide then with extra nourishment. The best type of soil for indoor grown pea shoots is organic soil with plant nutrients and not animal feritizer. The latter will start to smell after a few days. Often indoor organic potting soil have the perfect mix and will be not cause odour.

Light and room temperature
If you grow your pea shoots in your home and not outside, your pea shoots will grow best when the temperature in the room is 20-25 degrees C. Place the pot somewhere bright but not in direct hot sunlight for the first 20 days. After that they should be strong enough for direct sunlight.

Soaking organic peas for Pea shoots FRESH SPROUTS


Growing quick pea shoots is easy. The first step is to give the dry peas a fresh bath. When you start out by soaking your organic peas in a glass of water, they will absorb all the water it usually takes them a few days to take in from wet soil. Therefore, soaking saves cultivation time and the soaking also gives your peas a really good start.
You can see when the peas have absorbed enough water. They are ready when they are completely round and the surface is no longer wrinkled. This typically takes 4-8 hours depending on the pea quality.

Sprouting peas for pea shoots FRESH SPROUTS


When your organic peas have absorbed enough water, their germination will start immediately. You can choose to let them grow a day’s time in your soilless sprouter if you want to enjoy watching them grow a little. All types of sprouters are good to sprout peas. You can even make a Homemade sprout jar > If you choose a transparent glass jar for the purpose, you can see your pea sprouts clearly. If you prefer to plant the peas in their pots immediately, you can also do so instead.

Potting pea sprouts for pea shoots FRESH SPROUTS


Whether you have enjoyed watching the peas sprout a day or two in your sprouter or not, now is the time to plant them in your pot. You can choose all types of pots. The only need for the plants is that excess water can drain away. The best pots are made from terracotta rather than plastic as the terracotta will allow the roots to get more oxygen.
Spread the peas in a single layer on top of 7-10 cm soil. You can help them by putting the peas so the white tip faces upwards in the pot.
There should be about 2-4 cm of soil on top of the peas. The amount of soil gives the roots a good adhesion basis.

Water for organic pea shoots FRESH SPROUTS


Once you have planted the peas, you should water the soil well this first time. The next few days, the soil should just be slightly moist all the time. It is important that the soil does not dry out completely while the pea shoots are small. When the plants grow larger and more robust, they thrive with 1-2 days between each watering. If at all possible your plants will prefer if you simply soak the pot from below in stead of pouring water from above. With the soaking the plants will loose less nutrients from the soil.

Homegrown pea shoots FRESH SPROUTS


The waiting time is magical when you grow your own pea shoots. The small plants will poke their first shot through the soil after just 6 days. It may take a little longer in the winter than in the summer.
After 2 weeks, the pea shoots will have become 10-15 cm long. You can now cut and eat the tops. If you do not wish to let them continue to grow, you can simply cut the stems 1 cm above the ground. In the latter case they will not grow any further. In the first case the plants will shoot and continue to grow letting you harvest from them again and again.


On the Pea shoot seed page you can find
links to retailers of high quality peas.


Would you like to spread your love for homegrown plants? Here are 3 fun ideas for your pea shoots.


Pea shoots grow so fast, they are fun to grow with children of all ages. You can place the pot in any room and teach your child about plants while you follow the plant development together and read on the internet about the quite fascinating pea plants.


To make the pea shoots more festive, you can grow them in a sweet pot and tie some cute ribbon around the pot. Because 1-2 week old pea shoots are quite small the host or hostess will get the extra joy of cultivating them for a little while for their own food.


Your homegrown pea shoots will bloom if you first cultivate the pea plants for 14 days, until the stems are about 15 cm long. Then cut some of the stems 4-5 mm above the top “crack”. The plant will form beautiful white flowers at the crack within a week.


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