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Lasagnette with sprouts FRESH SPROUTS

 40 g red lentils for sprouting
 40 g green lentils for sprouting
 40 g chick peas for sprouting
 600 g frozen spinach leaves
 1 small chopped onion
 1 clove of garlic
 6 cups peeled, canned tomatos
 100 g soy or bean pasta
 10 g fresh oregano leaves
 ½ cup water
 1 cup cheese sause or soy sauce
 2 tbsp yeast flakes if you use soy sauce
 salt and pepper
 topping cheese if desired

Sprout your organic chick peas for 4 days untill the root is 3 cm long.
Sprout the green and red lentils for 2 days untill the root is 1 cm long.
Rince the sprouts when ready and they are set for the dish.


Defrost the spinach for 30 minutes in luke warm water. Squeeze it from excess water and it is ready for your dish.


Cook the soy pasta in a pot with salt in the water for about 10 minutes. Turn the heat down. Take the pot off the heat and pour away the water. Set the pot back on the stove on the middle warm heat plate. Add the tomato sauce, spinach and soy/cheese sauce.


If you have chosen to use soy sauce, you can add yeast flakes to give it a cheesy flavour. Add the spices, onion, garlic and chick pea sprouts and stir the mixture well. Turn up the heat, so the mix will reach boiling for a few minutes.


When the mix is done boiling, add the lentil sprouts and the dish is ready to serve. When you add the lentils this late in the cooking process, they will still be crispy. You can add cheese on the top of the dish, if you prefer.