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Tofu with pea sprouts and lentil sprouts FRESH SPROUTS

 30 g peas for sprouting
 100 g silken tofu
 2 tbsp coconut oil
 spices to your liking

Sprout the peas in a sprouter of your choice. The peas should sprout untill the white root is 1 cm long. This takes 2- 3 days.


If you wish to grow the peas into pea shoots you need to plant those peas in a tray or cup with soil. The pea shoots will grow to be 10 cm high in 2 weeks. They are nice and crisp then. Once the sprouts are done, cut the shoots 1 cm above the soil. You cannot regrow the shoots so put the soil and roots of the pea shoots in your green compost bin.


Rinse the shoots and sprouts in water and they are ready. Cut the tofu in small cubes, fry them on a pan with coconut oil and lots of spices. Mix it all and your dish is ready.