Some sprouts can stand the lower temperature in a refrigerator. You can even use refrigeration for several purposes, when you grow sprouts. Learn how to exploit the cold to your advantage.

Story of FRESH SPROUTS Organic Broccoli sprouts


Sprouts thrive in general at temperatures of 19-23 ºC. But the little plants are not harmed by being kept in the refrigerator at about 10 ºC. Just be aware that the sprouts are still in need of oxygen and moisture when stored in the refrigerator. And they should still not be exposed to still water in larger quantities.


The optimal way to store sprouts – when low temperature is considered – is to keep your sprouts in actual sprout bags of flax or hemp fabric. These bags allow both adequate moisture, oxygen and drainage. Do you not have a sprout bag? Then you can keep the sprouts in bowls with a loose lid or a damp tea towel over the opening. You can also choose to put the whole sprouting device in the refrigerator. If you use an electronic sprout container, you should of course ONLY put the actual trays into refrigerator.

The story of FRESH SPROUTS organic mustard sprouts
Story of FRESH SPROUTS Organic Broccoli sprouts


Sprouts in the fridge should still be rinsed once a day. Remember to let the water run entirely off after each rinse. There should be no standing water at the bottom of the container. Why not? Because then the sprouts will rot.


There are many ways you can use the cooling of the sprouts to your advantage. Yes, it’s actually a possibility. You can, among other things, use your refrigerator to your advantage if you are a busy sprout cultivator. But there are some combinations of sprouts and cold, which did not go well. Do you want to know what is involved? You can read everything in the FRESH SPROUTS book.

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