Table settings with sprouts FRESH SPROUTS

Table setting with sprouts is fun and beautiful.

They are even edible if you use your sprouts as the main decor. Here are 5 ideas to spread smiles and fun sprout stories around the dinner table.

Table settings with sprouts in cocktail glass FRESH SPROUTS


Sprouts are living, beautiful art. Why not serve them in their entirety in a glass placed on your guests plate. Here the sprouts will fill the role as both decoration and edible fill for the next dish.

If you serve sprouts with their roots intact, then Alfalfa, Pea, Clover and Fenugreek will be very pretty as they have single roots. You can trim the wild roots on other sprouts when you serve them. If you add a little water to the bottom of the glass with the sprouts, the water will slowly evaporate and keep the sprouts fresh for a long time.

I find that only the imagination sets limits for sprouts as decorations when they lie in glass, glass tubes, pipes etc. Sometimes I decorate the glasses with gold leaf, ribbons, hearts or just let the sprouts be the pure expression.


You can decorate your cutlery and napkins with ribbons, flowers and other cute ideas. Fresh homegrown Sunflower sprouts allow you to eat the decoration. The big sunflower sprouts are hardy sprouts that can stay fresh for up to half an hour after you harvest them and cut their roots. This makes sunflower sprouts very usable as edible table decoration.

The sunflower sprouts in the picture have yellowish tips, because they are very young. If you want dark green sprouts, you need to remove the shells from the leaves and place the sprouter in a light spot at least one day before your party.

Cut the roots shortly before you use the sprouts in the table decoration to keep them fresh.

Table settings with sprouts on cutlery FRESH SPROUTS
Table settings with sprouts in a glass bowl FRESH SPROUTS


Sprouts ultivated on organic cotton pads are easy to move around once the sprouts have grown and have strong roots in the cotton.

When the sprouts have unfolded their small leaves and the leaves have deveoped colour, the sprouts are ready to be eaten. You can now move the cotton with the attached sprouts to a beautiful glass bowl. The sprouts will stay fresh because they are still growing on the damp water soaked cotton.

You can cover the root filled cotton under fresh, wet cotton to make the sight more delicious and decorate with gold hearts, ribbons, edible gold leaf or whatever fits into the table’s theme.


Sprouts will easily wither and dry out once they are outside the procetive moist of the sprouter.
One solution for creating beautiful edible table decorations and still keeping the sprouts fresh is putting the sprouts in a hollow glass ball. Here the glass ball will maintain the moist atmosphere around the sprouts.

You can find this type of glass balls in many webshops that deal with hobby articles. I found mine in a small local hobby shop, which I like to support with my purchases.

On the web you will find these glass balls under the names: ‘Hole glass ball’, ‘Open glass ball’, ‘Glass glass’ a.o.

Table settings with sprouts in a glass ball FRESH SPROUTS
Sprouts in a small pot for your table decoration


Table decorations with sprouts cultivated on organic cotton fit perfectly into the small decorative pots you normally use for miniature plants and flowers. This gives you plenty of opportunities to add sprouts to the table in the colours you need.

When the sprouts have unfolded their leaves, move the cotton with the sprouts into the pots when you decorate the table.

You may need to fill the pot with wet paper to get the right height of the sprouts. With moist paper in the pot, the sprouts can stay fresh for several hours. Your guests can eat the sprouts in the food which will create interesting conversations around the table.