miriam sommer owner of FRESH SPROUTS

FRESH SPROUTS is owned by Miriam Sommer.
The company is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Feel free to contact me for questions on your order.
I will reply immediately or as soon as possible.
Mobile: +45 60246203 (Denmark)

    Miriam Sommer with sprout book FRESH SPROUTS


    FRESH SPROUTS is a Danish company by Miriam Sommer.

    The company began in 2010 as a small website and a book about homegrown sprouts and microgreens.

    Over time, the company has grown into a large selection of organic seeds for sprouts and microgreens, books and sprout containers with sale to several European countries.

    Miriam Sommer owner of FRESH SPROUTS


    My name is Miriam Sommer. I am a sprout expert and owner of the Danish company, FRISKE SPIRER or FRESH SPROUTS in English.

    I look forward to showing you the exciting world of spirits through this site, books, videos and newsletters.

    If you miss something in the FRESH SPROUT universe, I would love to hear from you via the form, you find above on this page.