Miriam Sommer FRESH SPROUTS 2018


FRESH SPROUTS is owned by Miriam Sommer.

The company is Danish and is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.

You are welcome to contact me all days. The best way is directly via email and I will get back to you within one workday.

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    Danish food certified company

    FRESH SPROUTS is a Danish food approved and organically certified company.

    The seeds in my webshop are supplied by European farmers specializing in seeds for growing Sprouts and Microgreens. This is to your advantage, as the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration requires that genuine sprouted seeds:

    • Must have full traceability to ensure they are organic.
    • Has been tested free of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. Coli.
    • Will be stored in food-approved premises.
    • Has a minimum of 95% germination capacity when sold.
    • Is subject to organic accounting, which is checked every year The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration on their annual inspection visit to me.

    To see my Food and Eco registration please look for FRISKE SPIRER which is the Danish version of the company name as the company is Danish.

    See my Eco certification   – or –  See my Food Approve Certification

    The idea behind FRESH SPROUTS

    FRESH SPROUTS consists of one person – Miriam Sommer.

    I finished a master’s degree in Danish and Communication in 2008. Alongside FRESH SPROUTS I work freelance as SEO copywriter and brand manager.

    I started FRESH SPROUTS in 2010. First with the goal of developing and keeping up to date with everything new in digital marketing. Over time, my love for the environment and health has driven me to expand FRESH SPROUTS with a webshop and a sprouter in my own design.

    My goal is that sprout growing in private homes will become as well known as making your own fresh juice. This would benefits both you and our shared planet.

    Miriam Sommer FRESH SPROUTS 2018
    Microgreen tray SproutPearl by FRESH SPROUTS


    Do you wish to write about Sprouts and Microgreens?

    I will be happy to help you write a good article full of great knowledge. If necessary, I will take new pictures for you in print-ready 300 dpi and/or raw format for your project.

    The price? Just a link to the FRESH SPROUTS site.

    You can reach via the contact formula.


    Inspiration for delicious Food with Sprouts or Microgreens + Tips & Offers in the Shop.