This page explain the return and refund policy of FRESH SPROUTS.


If you find damaged items in your parcel, please contact me immediately – within two days of recieving the parcel. You can reach me via email on or via phone: +45 6024 6203.

As the shipping company want comprehensive documentation of shipping damages please save ALL the package’s packaging for pictures. If I cannot get them the needed pictures of both the broken parcel and damaged items, the freight company will refuse our claim for mishandling.

Once the shipping company has acknowledged their mishandling, then you and I will find a solution on the broken products – if you wish your money back or new items sent to you.


In the event of missing items in your parcel, please contact me immediately via email on or via phone: +45 6024 6203.
I promise you we will solve the error together in good mood.
You and I will find a solution together  as to if you wish your money back or new items sent to you.


If you have chosen direct / home delivery then it is your responsibility to be home to recieve the parcel when it is delivered. If you cannot be home yourself, then you should contact the freight company and agree directly with them on how you can collect the parcel or if you can let someone else recieve it on your behalf.


You have a 14-day right of return on all goods except seeds. This is because seeds are classified as food, and I am not allowed to take them back as required by the European Veterinary and Food Administration. This is in accordance with the Consumer Act for the purchase of food.

I therefore recommend that you buy small quantities of seeds (e.g. portion bags) before buying larger seed bags, if you are in doubt about the selected seeds are to your taste.

In the event of an undone purchase or prepaid items that are canceled before I have sent the parcel from my warehouse, I can refund the entire purchase price. Refunds are made by transfer to the same bank account you bought the item on.

For goods that have already been sent out from my warehouse, I can offer the full purchase price for the goods (ex seeds) back when the goods are returned in good condition.


It is very important that you call me on +45 60246203 or send me an email on so you and I can have a dialogue before you return anything. This is to make sure you do not return a product by mistake that you may just have misunderstood the use of. Also our dialogue is to prevent a return to the wrong adresses. I promise you a good dialogue about your problem.


You yourself cover the freight price for shipment if you choose to return a product. This is because FRESH SPROUTS is a small company, so I cannot offer the same great return solutions as a large shop.

Therefore, feel free to call me if you are in doubt as to whether a product is right for you. I will be happy to explain and guide you with a smile – even if you end up buying an item I don’t have in my shop.