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Note that these terms must be accepted before you can complete your purchase in the shop.
The terms are divided into the Terms of Purchase first, the Privacy Policy next and the Disclaimer at the end.
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Happy sprouting
Miriam Sommer



by Miriam Sommer
Augustagade 16
2300 Copenhagen S
Mobile: +45 60246203
Email: info@freshsprouts.net
DK CVR 26 29 89 03



This shop is part of the Danish brand FRISKE SPIRER.
The company is owned by sprout enthusiast, Miriam Sommer. Feel free to visit the Danish blog and shop to get to know the brand even better.


At FreshSprouts.net you can pay with all payment cards via Stripe or Paypal.
Purchases via Stripe is deducted from your account when the order is shipped from FRESH SPROUTs warehouse.
Purchases via PayPal are deduced from your account the minute you press Pay in their payment window.
In both cases we will package and send your order be within two business days (monday-friday) of your purchase.

A higher amount than you have approved for the purchase can never be deducted from your account.
The system at PayPal and Stripe automatically encrypts all your card information with the so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and other encryption methods. This means that unauthorized persons – incl. us at FRESH SPROUTS –  are unable to read your card number or other information during or after the transaction.


We ship from Denmark using GLS and PostNord.


GLS provides you with different options for each country. The options are GLS Private, GLS Business and GLS Pickup Shop.
GLS delivers all over Europe. So if you choose GLS as your fraight option, then GLS will be the delivery service in your country.

PostNord provides your with different options for each country. The options are PostNord Private, PostNord Business or PostNord Pickup Point.

If you choose PostNord as the fraight option, but this company does not operate in your country, then PostNord will hand over your parcel to your countries’ primary fraight carrier, when the parcel arrive to your country.


When you put an item in the basket, the system calculates a bit of packaging weight on top of each item. Therefore, your package weight is shown as slightly heavier than the ‘pure products’.
Example: 140 grams of seed actually weighs 152 grams, because the seed bag weighs 7 grams, and then the shipping box itself weighs a little. This added weight is needed so the freight price is set correctly by the shipping calculator.


The shipping price varies depending on your country and your chosen fraight option. The fraight price will appear in the cart, when you are ready to complete your order. You can see the fraight prices change as you click between the different fraight options.


If you live outside EU, the authorities in your specific country will add toll to your parcel, before you can pick it up.
Please note that you cover the price of the toll yourself and pay it directly to the toll authorities in your country. 
The import and toll handling of your parcel made by your authorities may mean, that your delivery may take longer than the above mentioned times.


Your purchase is packed all weekdays + Sunday. You can look forward to receiving your package or being able to pick up your package in the selected package shop within 7 working days of your purchase.
Delivery outside EU may take longer defending on your chosen freight option.
You will be able to track your package with Track & Trace from the moment it is registered by the shipping company.


Your package will be available for you up at your selected GLS or PostNord shop when you have recieved a SMS and email from the freight company.
Please remember if you choose parcel shop delivery that the package is only held for you in the shop for 7 days. Then it is sent back to me.
Note: I cannot return the return freight price for your parcel. Nor can I return the price of your purchased seeds as seeds are EU classified as food and I cannot resell them.
So please remember to pick up your parcel in time. It will make us all happier – the seeds too.


If you have chosen direct / home delivery then it is your responsibility to be home to recieve the parcel when it is delivered. If you cannot be home yourself, then you should contact the freight company and agree directly with them on how you can collect the parcel or if you can let someone else recieve it on your behalf.



It is important, that you always check the content of you parcel within two days of recieving your parcel. If you find damaged or missing items please contact me immediately. You can reach me via email on info@freshsprouts.net or via phone: +45 6024 6203.

As the shipping company want comprehensive documentation of shipping damages please save ALL the package’s packaging for pictures. If I cannot get them the needed pictures of both the broken parcel and damaged items, the freight company will refuse our claim for mishandling.


It is important, that you contact me before you return any content of your parcel. This is to make sure you do not return based on a misunderstanding or to a wrong adress. You can reach me via email on info@freshsprouts.net or via phone: +45 6024 6203.

You have a 14-day right of return on all goods except seeds. This is because seeds are classified as food, and I am not allowed to take them back as required by the European Veterinary and Food Administration. This is in accordance with the Consumer Act for the purchase of food.

I therefore recommend that you buy small quantities of seeds (e.g. portion bags) before buying larger seed bags, if you are in doubt about the selected seeds are to your taste.

In the event of an undone purchase or prepaid items that are canceled before I have sent the parcel from my warehouse, I can refund the entire purchase price. Refunds are made by transfer to the same bank account you bought the item on.

For goods that have already been sent out from my warehouse, I can offer the full purchase price for the goods (ex seeds) back when the goods are returned in good condition.

You yourself cover the freight price for shipment if you choose to return a product. This is because FRESH SPROUTS is a small company, so I cannot offer the same great return solutions as a large shop.

Therefore, feel free to call me if you are in doubt as to whether a product is right for you. I will be happy to explain and guide you with a smile – even if you end up buying an item I don’t have in my shop.


The seeds are stored in dark and airtight packaging In FRESH SPROUTSs warehouse. This ensures fresh seeds a long shelf life.
On the labels of the bags there is a date for minimum durability. You can extend the shelf life yourself by storing the seeds in the moisture-, light- and airtight seed bags in which the seeds are delivered from FRESH SPROUTS. You should also place the bags in a dark place in about 18 C temperature.



Please feel free to contact FRESH SPROUTS at any time by email. Sprouts are easy, but require that you give them the right growing conditions. We are happy to help you with advice and guidance so you get success with your sprouting.
FRESH SPROUTS sprouting seeds are organic and bacteria tested, but it is still important that you maintain a very high level of hygiene when growing sprouts.

FRESH SPROUTS can not be held responsible for any loss and unwanted physical reactions of any kind due to the products being used or consumed in a form that does not comply specifically with FRESH SPROUTS recommendations or if you are hypersensitive to any given plant.
Therefore, always ask if you have any doubts about the use of a product or if you have allergies and hypersensitivity.

This disclaimer also covers any of our tips and methods shown on the text, videos or pictures on this site or any other online or offline channel. So always contact me, if you have any questions or doubts, please.

Note that FRESH SPROUTS sprouting seeds are solely intended for private cultivation in your private home. Restaurants and institutions who wish to use the seeds in their food should contact me for documentation that live up th the requirements of the EU and Danish Food Authorities.


The rest of these terms show how FRESH SPROUTS protects your privacy as a reader and customer on this site/shop.
Note that you agree to this Privacy Policy when you click OK in the small popup
at the bottom of the page and/or when you transfer your payment in the shop.


In the purchase process, please enter your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address + choose your desired GLS pick up shop. FRESH SPROUTS only use the information to process your order.
None of your personal information is at any time transferred, sold or made available to third parties. All information is securely stored on the Simply.com secure server. Also the shop is SSL encrypted and is only available for FRESH SPROUTS.


When you make an electronic payment, you will notice that your click on ‘Pay’ opens a small, separate window. This window is separate from the shop in that the window opens a direct connection to your chosen payment system.
Therefore, your payment is not transferred directly to FRESH SPROUTS, but is a transaction between your bank and your chosen payment system. Your transaction is encrypted following all requirements so you get a secure money transfer. FRESH SPROUTS has no insight into your account informations.

Therefore, in case of a refund of a payment, FRESH SPROUTS will need your help in providing us with some payment information such as precise date and time of your order + the order number to find your payment in the payment systems.


The Payment system records your IP address when you make a payment. This information is not normally used but can be used to investigate card fraud. FRESH SPROUTS has no insight into the information.


Cookies are necessary for the shop to work optimally for you as a user. A cookie is the term for a file stored on your own PC, iPhone, iPad a.o. and cookies, among other things, control the contents of the shopping cart.
Cookies can also store your address information for the next visit and make it easier for you to log in if you have registered as a customer in the system and asked your browser to save your password.

Cookies are only used for the purpose of optimizing the website and its functionality, thus making the visit as easy as possible for you.
In addition, the shop has affiliated with Google Adwords and Google Analytics. The two services store your traffic to the shop as encrypted, anonymous cookies with the goal of ranking the shop correctly in locations. FRESH SPROUTS has no insight into your journey around the shop other than an anonymous number among many.


You have the right under the Personnel Data Act to have insight into what information is registered about you. You can request your information to be deleted on Simply.com’s server at any time. However, I must keep your invoice for your purchase for 5 years as required by the Danish tax Authorities. Feel free to contact me directly for any questions.


These terms were updated on 25. of juli, 2022.