The best placement for sprouts is a slightly shady corner of your kitchen. For microgreens it is under a plant bulb in a clean spot close to the kitchen sink.

Placement of rose radish sprouts for color development


The best location of your sprouter is neither in a dark closet nor a sunny windowsill. The favorite place for sprouts is a shady corner of your kitchen.

Why not in the sun?

Because sprouts are very sensitive to light and heat. The young plants easily dry out which will make them wither and go bad. So place the sprouter in a clean and shady corner of your kitchen.

Your sprouts and microgreens will love you for it.


Your microgreens are larger than sprouts and therefore often require more space. However, if you grow microgreens in a SproutPearl, they require only more space vertically.

However, microgreens are special in that they need a lot more light than sprouts. The most optimal is therefore to place your microgreens under a growth bulb from day 7 of the cultivation.

The sun will still be too hot even for microgreens, but you can easily place an LED bulb quite close to the plants, because LED often emits very little heat.

The SproutPearl should preferably still be placed in your kitchen so you remember to rinse your plants every day.

Placement of sprouts and microgreens
Placement of yellow sprouts


Your sprouts and microgreens will naturally develop beautiful colors in their leaves and top stems as they grow.

But this will only happen, if the plants are exposed to at least a little light.  if they are exposed to  only get a little light. So if you grow the plants in complete darkness, the plants will be pale and have yellow leaves.

The fun fact is, that yellow leaves will soon develop beautiful colors once the plants are placed in a lighter spot. From yellow to colorful leaves takes about 1 day.


It does not matter if your kitchen is very bright or shady when you grow sprouts.

In nature, the seeds germinate in the dark soil or in the more light-filled topsoil. Regardless of the depth in the soil, the root will grow downwards and the stem will grow upwards. It is the nature of the plant regardless of the light conditions. Your sprouts do the same even though they grow completely without soil in your SproutPearl.

The light, on the other hand, has an effect on when the plants set leaves. Because as soon as the stem gets enough light, the leaf bud will grow and soon after, the first small leaves – cotyledons – will unfold.

The interesting thing is that if you grow your sprouts in a light place, the plants will become small and compact. If you grow them in the dark, they will grow tall and lanky instead. Simply because the light determines when the plants form leaves.


The most important thing for a sprout is that it is not exposed to too much heat. Direct sunlight is too hot for the delicate small sprout. So find a place for the sprouter, where the sun does not reach it during the day. A shady corner of the kitchen is a good place for sprouts and microgreens.

If you prefer your sprouts long and slender, just place them further away from the window. This gives you “more sprout” from each seed.

If your kitchen is very bright, you can place a clean, dark tea towel over the SproutPearl or place something large next to the sprouter to provide shade.

Just never place the sprouter in your cubboard. Plants cannot breathe in closed spaces, and the moist is not good for your cubbards.


Sprouts grow best when the sprouter is placed in the kitchen. This is because the kitchen is clean, and sprouts love a clean environment.

When placed in the kitchen, it is also easy for you to remember to rinse the sprouts every morning and evening. This will keep the sprouts moistened so they can grow well and stay healthy.

By the way: Always use cool, fresh and drinkable water without any additives for your sprouts. You can learn more about rinsing and water quality in Rinsing your sprouts >

Placement of young radish sprouts


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