SproutPearl Extra Seed Tray + Seeds + Sponge


Grow even more Sprouts and Microgreens with this Extra Seed Tray for your SproutPearl sprouter.
The tray is made to easily build it into your SproutPearl sprouter.

In the package you will find 1 Seed Tray + 1 portion bag of organic sprouting Seeds + 1 scratch-free cellulose sponge for cleaning the tray. The package is for you who wish to grow one more layer of Sprouts in your SpoutPearl sprout box.

Each seed tray can hold up to 6 handfuls of ripe sprouts. So this extra tray lets you harvest even more organic greens every week. It has a fixed middle wall like the other Seed Trays for SpoutPearl.

The sponge is made of environmentally friendly cellulose and does not scratch the elegant sprouters surface. The seed bag contains enough seeds for half a seed tray. SpoutPearl is created by the Danish brand FRESH SPROUTS. It is food approved, 100% phthalate-free and BPA-free and manufactured in Denmark.