Water saving faucet aerator


When you rinse your sprouts and microgreens with gentle water rays, the plants will thrive. The water saving faucet aerator lets you adapt the water flow to a single jet for seeds and legume sprouts. I also let you change the rays to devided, gentle jets for sprouts and microgreens with leaves. You simply adjust the flow by pressing or pulling on the lower part of the swivel.

Both types of the product is made accordint to EU standard for kitchen faucets. So the outer thread is 2.1 cm. The internal thread is 2.3 cm. An insert for internal / external thread is included in the purchase.

The white/chrome version is made of hard, white plastic with a head in chromed brass. The white/white version is all hard plastic. All parts are EU approved for kitchen faucets and drinking water. It is easy to screw on the tap and also works for daily use.