Ceramic Sprouting Tray Kit with Sprouter + Seeds + Sponge


Ceramic Sprouting Tray Kit gives you a sprouter incl stainless steel strainer + one portion bags of organic sprouting seeds + one enviroment friendly cleaning Sponge

Each sprouting seed bag has seeds for one round of sprouts in the tray. The sprouter lets you grow a large handful of sprouts at a time.

This Ceramic Sprouter is made for gelling seeds such as Cress, Mizuna, Rucola, Mustard and Tatsoi. But you can also grow small seeds such as Alfalfa, Clover, Broccoli and Fenugreek, Radis in the sprouter. So the kit gives you everything to grow fresh ornamental greens for your own food or fodder greens for your pet.

The bowl is 14 cm from edge to edge. The steel strainer is 12 × 12 cm. You can grow in the Ceramic Sprout Tray again and again. All you need is this tray + sprout seeds + water. No cotton wool or hemp mat.
You will find a small manual for the container in the package.

✓ EU food certified webshop
✓ Growth guarantee on all seeds
✓ Certified non-GMO organic seeds
✓ Delivery time 3-5 working days via GLS

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