Microgreen liquid fertilizer Herb Fokus

Microgreen liquid fertilizer Herb Focus from Growth Technology + plastic pipette.

This liquid all mineral and plant pased fertilizer is especially suitable for your organic microgreen seeds from FRESH SPROUTS. There are no animal substances in the fertilizer.

When you grow your own sprouts for more than 7 days, then the plants need nourishment from day 7 and until you harvest them as microgreens. This is important as the seeds from nature only contain nurtients enough to sustain the plant for the first 7 days of cultivation.

The Herb Fokus fertilizer is mixed with water 1: 400. This means 2 drops of fertilizer to 100 ml of water.

The fertilizer should be mixed with clean water and absorbed by your microgreen through the roots. The included pipette makes it easy to dose the right amount. With this fertilizer, your sprouts can continue their growth and turn into microgreens with soft taste, nutrient richness and deep colors.

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