Hemp mats for organic Microgreens

Organic hemp growing mats for home-grown microgreens and sprouts. This mat is made in Denmark from pure hemp fibers and free of pesticides, color and toxins.

It is woven from Danish-produced hemp fibers and is food-approved for growing all types of microgreens, herbs and salads. The hemp mat makes it easy for you to get a uniform harvest of plants in your own kitchen or growth room all year round.

The mat is intended for a flat-bottomed plate or dish with the seeds placed on top. The plants will grow their roots into the mat in a few days. So rinsing and harvesting is easy for you. The mat works for all seeds here in the shop.
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✓ EU food certified webshop
✓ Growth guarantee on all seeds
✓ Certified non-GMO organic seeds
✓ Delivery time 3-5 working days via GLS

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