Organic Daikon Radish seeds for Microgreens

Organic Daikon Radish seeds for your home-grown Microgreens. These plants are easy to cultivate in your kitchen all year in any sprouter or on hemp mat.

You can grow Daikon Radish seeds into Microgreens in 12 days.

As Microgreens Daikon radish have a delicious, strong taste of fresh radish. They keep the green/white colours and are delicious in salad, sandwiches or as spicy topping.

5 gr seeds fit ½ SproutPearl and give 2 handful of sprouts.
40 gr seeds grow into 50 handfuls of crispy microgreens.

✓ EU food certified webshop
✓ Growth guarantee on all seeds
✓ Certified non-GMO organic seeds
✓ Delivery time 3-5 working days via GLS

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