Pink and purple sprout are just some of the colour variants you can naturally find in your sprouts. Violet, and any colour tone in between is just as natural. Read about the beautiful colours and what creates them.


Pink and purple sprouts are just some variants:

Sprouts of Red or Rose radish turn pink and green.
Mustard sprouts gets deep violet and green nuances.

Fennel is white, green and delicately pink.
Red cabbage/kale is vividly violet and dark green.

Pink kale resemble cabbage but is slightly lighter violet.
Mizuna is deep violet with green main leaves.

Pink purple sprouts FRESH SPROUTS
Pink purple violet sprouts FRESH SPROUTS


Your pink, rose and violet sprouts are naturally colourful.

As consumers we are used to all kinds of dyes in our food. That’s not the case with your home-grown sprouts. The beautiful red tones are all natural and part of the plant’s genes. Organic, sprout certified seeds are not genetically modified. To prove it you can plant one of your sprouts in soil. Then you will notice that it develops a completely natural plant. So rest asured you can enjoy your colorful sprouts with a good conscience.

The beautiful red colors belong to the group of plant dyes called Anthocyanins. It is the same type of dye found in blueberries, carrots, beets and more.


You may find that usually white/green sprouts sometimes get pink stems in the surface. This sudden change of color is natural and due to stress. The stress factor can be excessively high temperatures or too little moisture in the sprouting tray. You can experience color changes in almost all sprouts, but Mung beans, Sunflower and Alfalfa are the most ‘exposed’ to color change due to stress.

The sudden color change is completely natural and is due to the small plant being stressed. The stress may be too high heat or too little moisture due to lacking rinsing. It can also happen if you have stored your sprouts in the fridge and move them out on the kitchen counter or vice versa.

It can be tempting to try to get the beautiful pink color. However, it is not a good idea to unnecessarily thirst or cold treat your sprouts. This as there is a risk that the stress affects your little vulnerable sprouts so much that they wither, and it is not fun.

Stressed pink purple violet sprouts FRESH SPROUTS
Eat stressed pink purple sprouts FRESH SPROUTS


So the beautiful colors of all of your sprouts are natural. Even if they are caused by the stress.

You can eat even the pink stressed sprouts without worry. The pink color is merely an expression of the plant’s own natural antioxidants working to protect the fragile, young plant. These natural colors are called Anthocyanins. They are Nature’s own antioxidants that protect plants against stress from the sun, dehydration and heat.

The dye and the reaction is the same, you can see expressed in the red peel of otherwise green apples, which have hung in the sun and therefore have turned pink or red where the sun has stood on the apple as it has grown on the tree.¹

The really interesting thing is that when stressed sprouts regain their balance, you will often see the red color disappears again. However, you do not have to wait. The pink sprouts just give you a little more antioxidant.   ¹ Wikipedia


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