You can grow your own sprouts in small trays in your kitchen.
But why? How do you do it? How long does it take?
You will find all the answers here.

Grow your own sprouts with FRESH SPROUTS


Sprouts are plants at their smallest stage of growth. Some are cultivated until they have just developed a 1-2 cm long root. Others are cultivated until they get their first small leaves.

You can grow sprouts of different seeds, legumes and grains. However, you cannot grow anything for sprouts, as not all plants are edible to humans when the plant is just a sprout.

But you can grow sprouts of over 45 plant varieties. In the SPROUT LIST you can find the most popular. When you choose seeds always look for 100% organic and sprout approved seeds.


Sprouts are very rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant fibers and protein. This is because sprouts develop the small, fresh and living plant from all the nutrients contained within the seed. In other words, the seed is transformed into a plant.

Since it is far easier for your body to digest a liquid-rich plant than a dry seed, your body gets a better yield from the nutrients with a sprout. As you typically eat your homegrown sprouts raw, the nutrients do not perish during heating. Instead, you get the full benefit of all the nutrition in the small sprout.

That’s why some call sprouts a “superfood”.

Grow your own sprouts from clover seeds FRESH SPROUTS
Grow your own sprouts for any dish FRESH SPROUTS.jpeg


You can use your fresh cultivars even sprouts in all dishes.

Sprouts are available in all flavors from mild to spicy or strong. Their colors range from orange or green to light yellow, pink and dark violet. So there is always a sprout for any recipe.

I find sprouts come their way best when you use them raw or luke warm in the food. I use them myself in everything from smoothies, juices, dips, salads, wraps, soups and warm dishes. I even enjoy lightly fried, spicy chickpea sprouts as a healthy snack.

You can also leave sprouts as pure ornaments as the crown of your dish.


Sprouts thrive by just letting them look after themselves. All they need is for you to rinse them morning and evening with clean tap water.

Growing sprouts in your own kitchen is easy. You only need organic sprout seeds, a sprout tray, clean water and daylight.

In addition, place the sprout tray somewhere in the kitchen where they get light but not direct sun. A north facing window is perfect. In winter, supplemented with the usual lighting in your kitchen, when you use the kitchen anyway.


You grow some sprouts until they have just a short root. Others are cultivated until they unfold their first set of leaves. Therefore, some sprouts mature faster than others.

The rule is: Sprouts of beans. peas and lentils are mature after 2-4 days when they have a small root. All other sprouts are mature after 6-7 days, when they have a small leaf with clear colors.

You can grow sprouts faster if they are placed warm and in bright, indirect light and are always rinsed morning and evening.

Grow your own sprouts from clover seeds FRESH SPROUTS


It is natural to wonder how sprouts can grow without soil or fertilizer.

That’s because inside the seed lies the germ and all the nutrients needed to create a new plant. The small sprout can therefore only live off the seed for the first 8 days. If you want to grow your plants for more than 8 days, you would have to give the plant a type of fertilizer. Plants that have grown for more than 8 days are called microgreens.

Microgreens are also fun and are for you who have the time / space to grow the plants for up to 3 weeks.


Sprouts are easy to grow when you just follow 6 rules:

  • Use only approved sprout seeds for your sprouts.
  • Soak the seeds for 8-12 hours before growing.
  • Place the sprout tray in light shade on the kitchen table.
  • Wash your hands before sneezing with the sprouts.
  • Rinse seeds / sprouts with clean water morning and evening.
  • Wash the sprout tray with a clean sponge after round sprouts.

If you follow the 6 easy rules, your sprouts will succeed for you.

Grow your own sprouts with 6 easy tips FRESH SPROUTS
Grow your own organic sprouts FRESH SPROUTS


Your sprouts taste best when they are at their mature stage. You can cool your sprouts as they mature to preserve their flavor longer.

In the fridge, sprouts of beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas can hold their flavor for two days. All other sprouts can keep the taste for up to 1 week on a chilled basis.

The best way to store the sprouts is to put the whole sprout container into the refrigerator. Note that sprouts grow despite the cold. Therefore, they should be rinsed once every day, even if standing in the refrigerator.


You can only harvest one sprout from each seed.

This is because inside the seed there is a germ which becomes the germ itself. Since you eat the whole seed including root, there is nothing left to form a plant more of the seed.

Fortunately, certified sprout seeds have been tested for high germination. Therefore, you are guaranteed that at least 98% of all seeds in the bag germinate when you grow them as directed.

If you experience any challange with your seeds or sprouts, you may find the solution in the online Sprout Guide.

Grow your own sprouts with FRESH SPROUTS
FRESH SPROUTS A Guide to Sprouting book


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Or you can buy the book FRESH SPROUTS – A Guide to Sprouting >. This book is an A-Z with everything about your sprouts. With the book, all sprouts will succeed for you because you learn to understand the needs of your little plants.


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